A great day! I don’t think you can miss this one, it shall be held every year and all the members of Mks U alumni association starting with you, it is you! Plan always to attend and meet with your alumni and friends. Assuredly, you must enjoy and gain new experiences forever!

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2 thoughts on “Annual Reunions”


    Am proud to be associated with Machakos University. I got my masters here and am sure I Will complete my PhD successfully.Long live Machakos University.


      Great ! you are the alumni that we are proud of,continue to inspire others about your University,rise the the MksU flag always and be a loyal Ambassador of MksU to the whole world.
      Confirmed that you must finish PhD here.May you also connect us to students whom you know are willing to do PhD in Marketing ,class has started and we need more students in this specialization.Thank you.

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